Monday, May 18, 2009

ABC's Of Overcoming Fear Associated With Abuse

by: Laura Bonetzky-Joseph
(c) 2009 All rights reserved. May not be copied or reproduced without authorization from the author.

A - Acknowledge the abuse - past, present and future

B- Break the Silence

C- Confront your fears & Call for help - There is nothing to be ashamed of

D - Don't Blame Yourself - Deliberately set intentions towards empowerment

E - Everyone Can Heal

F- Fear is worse than the abuse itself as without fear the abuser has no power or control. Free yourself and fight back your abuser. Take back your power.

G - Give your self some healing and recovery time. Time and patience is crucial

H - Have a SAFE Plan in Place

I - I deserve to be treated with respect

J - Join a support group for survivors of abuse.

K - Know you can't change the abuser nor can you help them. You can only help you.

L - Love Your Self Unconditionally and with self respect

M- Muster Up The Courage to Leave and do so with a strong plan in place and a support system

N- No one has any power or control over my life's vibrational energy

O - Overcome your fears one day at a time. This is not something that happens over night.

P - Pray every day. The power of prayer is amazing. You just have to have faith and be patient.

Q - Quiet your mind - With that you will gain the clarity you need

R - Resist the temptations and control of the abuser

S - Say No when you are Feeling violated and surround yourself with supportive individuals

T - Take back your power ... Tell Someone About the Abuse and trust your inner voice

U - Understand life's lessons in what can be a horrible experience. You WILL become stronger as a result. Have faith in yourself with that.

V - Value your life & yourself

W - What you fear the most will happen the most.

X - X-ercise yout rights under the VAWA and your state laws

Y - You are worthy to find true love, but love that will love and respect you

Z - Zealously make a plan to free yourself from any and all forms of abuse in the present and future.

Above all ... Ask for help til someone hears you!!!

There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Stay strong. Alone we are weak, together we are strong.

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  1. With holidays past, a Full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse this New Year's Eve - "BELIEVE" NOW more than you ever had before and keep faith by your side every time doubt or fear take arise.